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    Frequently asked questions

    Why Choose LoveSiliconeDoll.com?

    At LoveSiliconeDoll.com, we strive to offer our clients the absolute best. Therefore, we operate with two, simple core values; quality products and quality service. In addition, we view your desire to purchase a sex doll as an important investment, not only monetarily, but in your sexual pleasure and overall happiness. Which is why we offer the best in customer care from the day you begin window shopping on the SexDolls.com website until long after the purchase of your sex doll companion. In addition to quality customer care and high-quality sex dolls, we offer you:

    1. Shipping to clients all over the world free of charge.
    2. A guarantee that ensures your sex doll is sheer perfection upon arrival or we make it right.
    3. After-sales customer ccare.
    4. 24-7 customer service and contact via chat, phone or email.
    5. The finest sex doll companions curated from the best artists and manufacturers.
    6. A beautiful, diverse and comprehensive collection of sex dolls that expands with industry improvements.
    7. Personalized customer care from sex doll professionals as we are NOT just another doll reseller. We don’t rely entirely on review blogs and forum posts from doll owners. In fact, we own and handle sex dolls and share hands-on tips and advice.

    Are LoveSiliconeDoll.com Authorized Sellers?

    Many of the branded sex dolls we sell have pages on their websites listing their authorized vendors and resellers. This is another way you can be confident that we are a legitimate reseller that you can trust. Please keep in mind, not all name brand manufacturers have a page listing all of their vendors. For instance, WM Dolls has a fake doll search engine so you can easily verify your sex doll companion is a genuine WM Doll.

    Does LoveSiliconeDoll.com Sell Knock-Offs or Fake Products?

    Absolutely not. We are authorized retailers of the most popular and high-quality sex dolls in the world. Aside from offering our clients the best in customer care, we guarantee our sex dolls are quality, genuine, name-brand products from designers like Iron Tech, WM and YL, among others. Furthermore, we guarantee our sex dolls are authentic by:

    1. Visiting the designers and manufacturers.
    2. Doing walk-throughs of the manufacturing facilities.
    3. Checking manufacturer’s quality-control procedures.
    4. Inspecting our dolls to ensure our clients get only the best.
    5. Physically handling the dolls ourselves so we can tell you how they look, feel and perform.
    6. Full transparency: we will never tell you a doll is manufactured in the USA if it’s not!

    How Do I Make a Guarantee Claim?

    If you have unpacked your sex doll companion and found any damage or irregularities, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery by:

    Emailing us at support@lovesiliconedoll.com .

    Referring to our contact page .

    Does LoveSiliconedoll.com Have a Storefront?

    No, we do not. Since we curate dolls from all over the world, we do not maintain a showroom or storefront and operate fully online. However, you can contact us via email , web form, phone or postal mail at:

    About LoveSiliconeDoll.com

    LoveSiliconeDoll.com is the official website of sex dolls. We are a Sex Dolls Team from China and have 6 years of experience in selling sex dolls online. Currently, our sex dolls are mainly sold to North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

    Why choose us?

    *100% Authentic, Certified Original Factory Sex Dolls
    As a professional mini sex doll supplier, We only provide high-quality doll products and work with manufacturers that meet our quality specifications, such as WM Dolls, Irontech Doll,6Ye Doll, etc.
    We know what you want when you shop for a quality sex doll, and we have a selection of lifelike sex dolls just for you. Our dolls are a result of a precision design that makes them exciting and stimulating to use. Our love dolls are hand sculpted by professionals who put in a lot of time to bring out every detail. At Minisexdoll, we are proud of our attention to detail and product quality and therefore guarantee our customer satisfaction.

    *LoveSiliconeDoll Collection(200+ mini dolls)
    Our doll factory is developing new Models to add new love dolls every week. With so many bodies and head styles to choose from, anything is possible! From large, voluptuous models to thin and nimble babes, every taste can be catered to. That includes some of our exotic lovers as well, including elven beauties and chubby mamas. With interchangeable heads, it has never been easier to mix things up and try something new!

    *Secure Payment
    Our website is SSL Encrypted and we also use PayPal to guarantee your privacy and safety. We won’t process your order until we confirm that your payment information is legit. All of our banking transactions, all delivered, are not based on the nature of the product. We are committed to providing the highest level of privacy and will never disclose your personal information to third parties. For more payment information, please check the payment guide page.

    *Affordable & Fair Price
    When shopping for sex dolls at LoveSiliconeDoll.com, you can always be sure to find something within your budget. Our range of luxury sex dolls is priced reasonably. We aim to provide you with a sex doll that serves you excellently and is within reach.

    *No scam & Satisfaction Purchase Guarantee

    We do not provide any falsely advertised products, we sincerely treat and welcome every customer who loves sex dolls.

    Also, We work hard to make sure you get the best possible sex doll available. We visually inspect every single doll from head to toe before we give our approval for her to come home to you. She doesn’t leave until she’s passed. We can even ensure little things that you may have specially requested are taken care of to your specifications.

    If there is any mistake with your order (defects or wrongly shipment) on receipt of your doll, we will fix it or replace it. For more information, please check the Return Policy page.