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Have you ever seen someone and wanted to fuck them? Did an ex partner leave you heartbroken and you’ve fantasised over them ever since? Well now you can get exactly what you want in life. With our sex doll builder – you can create a sex doll to your specification. Simply select a sex doll head from a compatible manufacturer, pick a body type and then hand-pick your sex doll accessories and add-ons. You can now be the master of your doll and rest easy knowing you created the very best sex doll. Read more below to find out what’s possible.

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Yes! All the photographs posted on SexDolls.com are provided to us by the manufacturers of the dolls. Granted, the photographs you see are taken by a professional photographer with the perfect lighting and backgrounds. However, all of the dolls we sell are 100% authentic, brand-name sex dolls. Thus, the sex dolls you see are the sex dolls you get in looks, design and quality.

Yes, your security and privacy are our top priority. Therefore, we have multiple layers of safety in place to protect your information and financial transactions. When you shop with us, you get:

  • 256 bit rapid SSL on our checkout pages.
  • We are compliant with the most rigorous payment security standards available.
  • PayPal payment options with buyer protection.
  • Barclaycard payment system with 3D secure from VISA and MasterCard.
  • Privacy in billing: “White Cliffs Online” will show on your bank, credit card or PayPal statement.

theminidoll.com offers free shipping to anywhere in the world.

We ship to all countries apart from India, Pakistan, UAE, Africa and Thailand due to sex toys being illegal and/or having strict customs clearance.

Import Taxes and Duties are taken care of by us. Import Duties and VAT are levied by your local authority and we would recommend you check your government’s website prior to ordering.

All orders are shipped from China, where our sex doll brands are based. US and EU orders are shipped directly from the manufacturers. UK orders are shipped to our facility in the UK before forwarding to our UK customers.

From order to arrival, you can expect to receive your sex doll in 13 to 21 working days. Here is our step-by-step process :

  • Once you have chosen your perfect doll and completed your order, your choices and specs are sent directly to the manufacturer.
  • Your doll immediately goes into production.
  • After your doll is finished, it goes through rigorous quality control testing.
  • Once your sex doll has passed quality control it then goes to our approval team.
  • Your doll must be approved by 2 of our team members.
  • Photographs are taken and emailed to you for your approval.
  • Once we have received the green light from you, it takes up to 24 hours for packaging and dispatch to shipping.
  • You will receive your tracking within 24 hours of shipping dispatch.
  • Depending on your location, your doll will arrive between 3 and 7 business days.
  • Keep in mind that Chinese holidays, public health emergencies (like coronavirus) and holidays in your own country may delay shipping.

High-quality sex dolls are not produced by high-speed machinery. Rather, they are hand-molded, detailed, painted and crafted by hand to your specifications. Even if you order a sex doll from our site, with zero changes, that doll is hand made, just for you. The reason for this is the materials, from which our dolls are made, cannot sit around in a warehouse waiting to be shipped. They must be cared for and kept in the best condition.

Therefore, after you have ordered your perfect sex doll, the order is sent to the factory and the process of creating your doll begins. Then, your doll moves from molding to the hand-painted make-up and individually placed nails and lashes. During all of this, your sex doll is inspected to ensure it is absolute perfection before moving on through each individual step. Finally, your doll must pass our independent inspection as well as your visual inspection before being shipped.

Once you receive your custom sex doll, you’ll be taken aback by her intricate details and absolute beauty. Only after that moment will you understand exactly why it takes so long to receive your sex doll.

Sex dolls are packaged and shipped in a way that protects them from any harm or damage. Although the outer shipping container is cardboard, the inner packaging is much more sturdy. For instance, inside the cardboard box is a plastic case that contains foam which is cut to fit your sex doll. Furthermore, your doll is partially disassembled to ensure it won’t break during shipping.

First, your sex doll’s entire torso, arms and legs are intact. Her lower arms and hands as well as lower legs and feet are carefully wrapped to protect them from bending or being crushed in transit. Your doll’s head is separate, it is carefully wrapped and weaning an eye mask to protect her skin and eyes. These parts are fitted into the foam so they don’t move around within the packaging. Next, the hardware, wig, instruction manual, orifice heater and other accessories are placed into the box. Finally, the inner box is closed and sealed before the outer cardboard is closed and sealed for shipping.

Therefore, there are no worries when it comes to how your sex doll is packaged for shipping. Plus, the box is sturdy enough to serve as storage for your doll when not in use so she stays protected and free of dust and dirt.

Yes! Your sex doll purchase is nobody’s business but your own. Therefore, each box is shipped discreetly with no indication of the contents on the outside of the box. All your courier will know is that the shipping container is heavy and marked fragile.

At SexDolls.com your privacy is our utmost concern. Which is why we take steps to ensure that no one knows about your sex doll order except for us. In addition, we take care of your privacy even when you are using our website. You can read our full privacy policy here.

Hour Of Operation
Monday: 12-6PM
Tuesday: 12-6PM
Wednesday: 12-6PM
Thursday: 12-6PM
Friday: 12-6PM
Saturday: 12-6PM
Sunday: Closed

If you are interested in customizing your doll, please email support@theminidoll.com

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